Our History

A SMEFA – Sociedade Metalúrgica de Estruturas em Ferro e Alumínio, Lda (Metallurgical Society of Iron and Aluminium Structures, Ltd) was founded in 1987 with a focus on metallic structures made of aluminium, iron and stainless steel.

The company is based in Abrunheira, municipality of Sintra, and has access to modern manufactoring facilites with 2000m² for all the metalworking needs.


A SMEFA – Sociedade Metalúrgica de Estruturas em Ferro e Alumínio, Lda (Metallurgical Society of Iron and Aluminium Structures, Ltd) was founded in 1987 and provides a specialized service, with the required quality levels, of technical metalworking in the construction and public works market.

As a construction company, we have several examples of the meticulous and dedicated work that we have put into projects that were developed over the years.

Mission and Values

Our mission is to provide a specialized service in technical metalworking to the construction and public works market, with a high level of quality, technical and business competence.

Our services include any remodelling that might be required to execute in an exemplary manner, while meeting the established deadlines.

We are a solid partner that you can trust.

Quality Policies

A SMEFA follows all the legal demands applicable to its activity, as well as other requirements set by the company itself. This ensures that all clients are satisfied with the quality and work processes, and that said work meets the proper expectations and needs.

We aim to standardise our methods of action to reduce costs, and are commited to promoting awareness so the integrity of employees is ensured.

We periodically review our Quality Management System to ensure that A SMEFA remains competitive in the construction market.

Sustainability is an increasingly important theme in companies that are in the construction business. Both during and after construction, we intend that certain actions are taken to reduce environmental impact, in order to give current and future generations a higher quality of life.

At A SMEFA, the health and well-being of employees is an important factor.

As such, our priority is to give employees the proper working conditions by making available a range of tools necessary for the perfect execution of their work.
Each employee has access to their own individual equipment that is suited for the work that will be done; this includes gloves, helmets, proper footwear, among others.

At the construction sites we place proper signage and protective bars on scaffolding, and safety nets to prevent employees, tools or even materials from falling.


A SMEFA has access to the best products thanks to our partners, who follow the same line of thought and quality.

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